Is ‘’Doggin’ It’’ the New Game Trend Among Students?

The three friends Jeremy Wiegman, Kyle Hoglund, and Jackson Roeder might have started a new game trend called ‘’doggin’ it’’. It all started recently when Jeremy tweeted a video compilation of the three friends trying to balance things on their fingers outside of the car window while the car was moving. The video has been […]

MeToo Movement Aiming to Say ‘Utoo’ to Hip-Hoppers

#MeToo Aiming to Say ‘Utoo’ to Hip-Hoppers As it kills careers in the entertainment industry second only to the grim reaper, the #metoo movement is expected to next set its sights on the target-rich music industry, specifically rap and hip hop artists. That’s the conclusion of an investigative report titled “Yeah, You’re Gonna Pay Now” […]

South Park

Long gone are the days of sitting around the tube watching feel good comedies like The Beverly Hillbillies, Sanford and Son, Cheers, and the ground-breaking series, Seinfeld. Not only is South Park funnier than any of these half-hour shows that used to temporarily interrupt the banality of our real world problems with a half-hour escape into […]