New Comedy Channel Debuts Premium Laughs on Roku


Uproar Entertainment is always expanding the dimensions of where funny happens. And now, the laughs live on Roku.

Uproar on Roku is exciting in its simplicity. The app is a one-stop comedy shop. The name of the game with comedy fandom is accessibility and knowledge. You have to know where to find the laughs, usually relying on referrals from friends, family or Hollywood. Many go their entire laugh-loving life without going to a comedy club. Most only indulge in the most popular comedians from television and movies, unaware of potential favorites flying under the radar. Uproar Entertainment knows funny and has made it more available than ever. There’s a galaxy of talented, brilliant, unique performers out there and Uproar on Roku brings them to your fingertips.

Supreme convenience. Seamless and streamlined access to a catalog spanning decades. Uproar Entertainment on Roku is the ultimate bridge between classic, upcoming, one-of-a-kind performers and comedy fans. It cuts out more barriers than other platforms. Uproar on Roku is better at featuring funny releases than expensive music streaming services that tuck comedy albums away like bookstore erotica. Purchasing individual albums, while appreciated and supportive, gets expensive. Physical media can be burdensome. If you want to hear standup out loud, Roku’s television connection helps avoids complicated setups, bluetooth speakers, headphones, secondary devices and extra hardware. Stand up comedy on television is often filtered, limited and milquetoast. Uproar Entertainment champions the raw, guttural, cathartic bombast akin to going to a live club.

In addition to hundreds of audio recordings, Uproar Entertainment on Roku has a bevy of comedians performing high definition, long-form sets on video. As much as comedy lives in the spoken word, expressing the precision of what’s written, stand-up at its best is a visual art form. The audience is constantly reading the energy and presentation of a performer onstage. Seeing how a person looks and the way they carry themselves builds context and anticipation. It’s the first set up. How that comedian subverts or leans into those expectations sets the tone for the night and delivers the first punchline. Jokes are heightened by facial expressions, theatrical act outs, demeanor, physicality and kinetic energy, only perceived by sight. What gets the biggest laughs is often unspoken. A comedy album is a historical record, a sonic invitation to a wonderful evening. Watching a stand up special is special.

Gen X Man by Erik is a 90s-tinged laugh riot with barbwire-wit and revving verve. Get Rich or Diabetes has down to earth and clever comedy stylings from the ever-cool Dejan Tyler. The hilarious Julian Michael’s Insert Token renders spirited musings on identity. Alex Elkin and Screaming at Shapes are bold and undeniable. The provocative and uproarious Adam Hunter goes for broke on Still Broke. Jackie Monahan reaches rich, audacious peaks with These Lips.

Uproar Entertainment is committed to pushing the boundaries. The company’s passion and keen intuition for humor has uncovered gems and kept the laughter going for years. Now you can experience their embarrassment of riches on a holistic and intuitive comedy experience. Discover one of the greatest entertainment catalogs on Roku today!