Uproar’s Got Talent: Big Laughs from America’s Got Talent Alumni

There isn’t a more exciting time in stand-up comedy than now! After decades of performers pushing boundaries, artists touching audiences and icons changing culture, comedy feels limitless. Fans are discovering and connecting with more of their favorite comedians through online comedy—social media, podcasts and video streaming—than ever imaginable. The wild and wondrous opportunity to stand out and get ahead in stand-up, to breakout and breakthrough, has never been made clearer than on America’s Got Talent. The television show, currently in its 15th season, is a premier competition watched and adored by millions. It showcases some of the most gifted and exciting performers in the country, including a collection of brilliant stand-up comedians. Uproar Entertainment is proud to present some of the show’s illustrious alumni. Stream some of your favorites from the show on Spotify!

Being a comedian on America’s Got Talent is a unique challenge. It is a comedian’s dream, but nestled in that dream is an inherent dread. Comedians operate in relative obscurity. Comedy is a subjective and personal art form. Small, intimate comedy clubs are a stark contrast to America’s Got Talent’s glitz and glamour, celebrity judges and competing against people literally shooting flames out of their faces. Stand-up comedy is a singular entity in showbusiness. It’s typically one person, writing and performing their own jokes, crafted from hours of public practice. For the most part, there are no elaborate costumes, no death-defying theatrics, no extracurricular activity. It’s just a person’s jokes, their sense of humor, their personality, their ability and experience, laid bare in front famous entertainers, hundreds of studio audience members and millions of television viewers. Oh, and you know how the average stand-up set is between 5-90 minutes and you’ve generated hours of material? Well, they’ll just need a few minutes. And you can’t swear. It’s a daunting undertaking but it can pay off. If you make it on the show, there can be a feel-good story or infamy. Either way, after appearing on America’s Got Talent, a comedian’s career will take a jump. Some comics take it to another level.

Stream Jackie Fabulous on Spotify

Jackie Fabulous, Season 15, is an excellent, endearing, enduring, nationally touring comedian. Hailing from the Bronx, Jackie speaks with the flash and flavor of a New York state of mind. She’s devil may care, no nonsense, to the point, and incredibly fun. The judges got a kick out of her bravado, her clever turns of a phrase, her lawyerly route into stand-up, her relatable commentary about body image, critical parents and annoying Facebook trends. For more fabulous Jackie Fabulous, check out “Who Is Jackie Fabulous?” The answer to the album’s question is that Jackie is down to earth, smart, foul-mouth, and forthright. Her jokes come in fast, emphatic flurries of incredulous irreverence. Jackie’s engaging disposition shines. Her comedy is warm and inviting, yes, but too honest and direct to stand on ceremony or succumb to pleasantries. Her observations and commentaries are blunt but never harsh, acerbic but not abrasive. In short, Jackie Fabulous is sweet and sour. She’s not above embracing failure, making light of life’s disappointments. She’s also not afraid to flex her over-40 confidence, to not care about being polite, to be playfully bitter and petty. “Who Is Jackie Fabulous?” is a refreshing, vivacious and bawdy comedy gem.

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Jodi Miller made her emotional appearance on America’s Got Talent in Season 9. The New Jersey-bred stand-up comedian faced the judges on a hope and a dream. She was living hand to mouth, getting by, delivering groceries to rich people who could afford them. Jodi Miller had a stellar set, charming the judges and audience with a routine considering all the ways men and women are like cats and dogs, and the genius assertion that we’ve had it wrong all along. Judge Mel B noted the comedian’s ability to turn on the funny, going from casually cool to a “powerful, sexy, womanly comedian.” Judge Howie Mandel was awestruck at the fellow comedian’s verve and ability. He expressed belief that Jodi Miller had the talent to advance way beyond her day job. A year later, Jodi released “No Child Left Behind,” a fearless and frank comedy album. Jodi Miller is a force. The brazen, broad, blustering comedy inspires undeniable awe and guffaws. Jodi Miller examines intersections regarding gender, sex, and age, highlighting the absurd, electric with audacity. The genius jokester, punchy and provocative, laments dating woes, maternity trials, unbelievable reality TV shows. She has a salty, shrewd sensibility. The audience roars in appreciation. The quality of “No Child Left Behind” and Jodi Miller’s indomitable spirit are nothing short of amazing.

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Julia Scotti, Season 11, is one of America’s Got Talent’s greatest triumphs. By the time of her appearance, Julia was in the midst of returning to a 20-year comedy career after an 11-year absence to teach, to be practical. She subsequently surprised the judges and delighted the audience all the way to the Quarterfinals! The jokes were energetic and exquisite. A titillating tension arose from the comedian’s innate naughtiness. She swore, she soared. Julia’s run expressed an underdog who has already won. Her journey, featuring highs and lows, enlightenment and empowerment, is a gift to anyone with a dream, a goal, an obstacle, a heart or a soul. Julia Scotti’s rich and spicy comedy stylings expands with “Hello Boys…I’m Back,” her debut comedy album. The album is full of details that didn’t make it to America’s Got Talent: extraordinary and affecting insights into age, gender, identity and sexuality joked about like never before. The New Jersey native’s cheeky double-and-triple entendres are hilarious. Julia’s rhythm, pace, and sarcastic matter of fact charisma are enthralling. The comic hums and the audience rolls. A lot of comics are called “one of a kind,” meaning they’re unlike most comedians. Julia Scotti is one of one, unlike any other person. “Hello Boys… I’m Back” boasts a singular brilliance and expresses a life experience that defies every expectation.

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