What is a Comedy Class?

Anyone who likes comedy has thought about performing their own at some point, but most people dismiss the idea as something that only other people can do. The fact is that anyone can give their own comedy and all it takes is finding a comedy club with an open mic night that they can attend […]

Gallagher, Watermelon-Smashing Prop Comedian, Dies at 76

Another soul who pursued, provided, and promoted laughter is gone. Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr. passed away on November 11, 2022. Gallagher was 76. Everybody knows Gallagher. Seems foolish to try to describe one of the most recognized comedy acts and distill one of the most complicated comedy careers in anything short of a 200-page book. […]

10 Best Serious Actors Who Successfully Broke Into Comedy

In Hollywood, it’s pretty easy to get typecast for certain types of characters and might even find it hard to land roles outside their main genre. Many great actors can bring a role to life with funny line delivery, like Tim Allen, or fantastic physical comedy, like Jim Carrey. In the world of dramas, there […]

Brian Regan Celebrating 25 Years

Best Laid Plans: One on One with Paul Conyers

Every comedian dreams of their first comedy album, their first special. They imagine clever names, album art. Fellow comedians, riffing in tight social circles, will say “that should be the title of your special,” to another comedian’s poignant, offhand comment. That suggestion is stored or laughed off. Still, the lingering hope and desire stands. Whether […]

Lore and More with “The Comedy Store”

Stand-up’s American history is hard to explain and contain. The bare bones of it is that there are hubs on either coast, thousands of miles of “the road” in between, the television revolution, boom and bust cycles, and wholesale stylistic changes, for seemingly arbitrary reasons. And, due to lost records, misremembered posturing, and competing interests, […]