Best Laid Plans: One on One with Paul Conyers

Every comedian dreams of their first comedy album, their first special. They imagine clever names, album art. Fellow comedians, riffing in tight social circles, will say “that should be the title of your special,” to another comedian’s poignant, offhand comment. That suggestion is stored or laughed off. Still, the lingering hope and desire stands. Whether […]

Lore and More with “The Comedy Store”

Stand-up’s American history is hard to explain and contain. The bare bones of it is that there are hubs on either coast, thousands of miles of “the road” in between, the television revolution, boom and bust cycles, and wholesale stylistic changes, for seemingly arbitrary reasons. And, due to lost records, misremembered posturing, and competing interests, […]

New Comedy Channel Debuts Premium Laughs on Roku

Uproar Entertainment is always expanding the dimensions of where funny happens. And now, the laughs live on Roku. Uproar on Roku is exciting in its simplicity. The app is a one-stop comedy shop. The name of the game with comedy fandom is accessibility and knowledge. You have to know where to find the laughs, usually […]

Uproar’s Got Talent: Big Laughs from America’s Got Talent Alumni

There isn’t a more exciting time in stand-up comedy than now! After decades of performers pushing boundaries, artists touching audiences and icons changing culture, comedy feels limitless. Fans are discovering and connecting with more of their favorite comedians through online comedy—social media, podcasts and video streaming—than ever imaginable. The wild and wondrous opportunity to stand […]

Female Stand Up Comedians

Best Female Stand Up Comedians on Spotify Female stand up comedians are often provocative and challenging. As battering rams for expression they question the world as an artist, as a woman, as a human. They speak truth, emotion, life, pain, brilliance, confession, hyperbole, faults, and fears into existence. They are pure catharsis; savvy and hardworking. […]

Clean Stand Up Comedy

The Best Clean Stand Up Comedy Online Funny is funny. Laughter is universal. But some comedy is in a class of its own. There are performances that resonate further, stories that are inherently more accessible. Certain flavors of stand-up are more akin to magic, bowling over the audience with crafty misdirection and ingenuity. The best […]

The Top Spotify Lesbian Comedians

The Best Lesbian Comedians on Spotify The Best Lesbian Comedians on Spotify, courtesy of Uproar Entertainment, are outrageously funny. Albums from exceptional talents like Margaret Cho, Julia Scotti, Marga Gomez, Kristin Key and Suzanne Westenhoefer boast razor-sharp commentary, rebellious moxie, and authentic perspectives. Individually these comedians are distinct and daring, hilarious and socially conscious. Together […]