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From the old guard to the vanguard. Cutting edge absurdity and biting commentary. The emerging new wave, the first steps to greatness. Proud pioneers and unsung heroes that changed the game. That’s us. Uproar Entertainment is the destination for comedians and fans alike. For decades we’ve produced some of the finest comedy albums ever recorded. Icons like Brian Regan, Margaret Cho, John Pinette, and Marsha Warfield to name a few. Not to mention the best up and coming comics working today. The Uproar catalog contains a galaxy of comedy’s brightest stars. Celebrate the classics and discover new favorites with Uproar Entertainment!

Funny is funny. Laughter is universal. And, if you’re like us, comedy is everything. There’s nothing truer, no greater joy, than busting up. Stand-up comedy is the lifeblood of thought, mood, tone, and imagination. The thrill, shock, and awe are limitless. It can be as simple as a comic, a microphone, an amp, and an audience. An entire spectrum of emotions, of experiences, of life, reverberate in that rollicking space. Yet, for all the talent and brilliance in the world, it takes a certain eye, certain know-how, a certain understanding to make stand-up comedy shine. Most audiences wouldn’t even notice the details but they make all the difference in the world.

Uproar knows comedy. And Uproar does comedy right. Founder David Drozen produced the early works of the late, great Richard Pryor—12 albums, 6 Grammy noms.  Drozen’s acumen and instincts are second to none. It’s safe to say Uproar Entertainment knows a thing or two about identifying and spotlighting the best comedy talent. And we have the track record to prove it.

You can expect down to earth, out of this world hilarity from every Uproar release. Our roster is vast and ever-expanding. There’s a style of comedy for every comedy fan. Uproar Entertainment is proud to highlight them all. We won’t bore you with a bunch of categories and superfluous adjectives. Check out our catalog. We’ll wait. You’ll see our dedication to diversity. Most importantly, you’ll see a commitment to putting funny first. Uproar isn’t just a premier destination for entertainment, it’s a living landmark to the power of laughter.

Especially if you love bawdy, blue, raucous, and rowdy stand-up, you’re in the right place. Jokes matter. Speaking frank and freely is paramount. Pushing buttons in comedy is synonymous with pushing comedy forward. Uproar Entertainment champions authentic, raw, fearless voices. Brilliant, inventive, masterful, yes. But some of our albums are downright dirty. Stand-up is one of the few frontiers for talking reckless. Comedy thrives in dusky rooms, late nights. There’s a different kind of social contract, permission to laugh at the world’s ills and taboos, in the dark. Indulging in what disturbs and distresses with humor defangs what scares us. Stand-up is a wonderful, necessary, cathartic tradition in that way. Uproar Entertainment is happy to bring that exhilarating atmosphere to you, from the comfort of your home, available across various digital platforms. Check out the pound for pound, joke for joke, best comedians on Spotify, Roku, and beyond.

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