Female Stand Up Comedians

Best Female Stand Up Comedians on Spotify Female stand up comedians are often provocative and challenging. As battering rams for expression they question the world as an artist, as a woman, as a human. They speak truth, emotion, life, pain, brilliance, confession, hyperbole, faults, and fears into existence. They are pure catharsis; savvy and hardworking. […]

Clean Stand Up Comedy

The Best Clean Stand Up Comedy Online Funny is funny. Laughter is universal. But some comedy is in a class of its own. There are performances that resonate further, stories that are inherently more accessible. Certain flavors of stand-up are more akin to magic, bowling over the audience with crafty misdirection and ingenuity. The best […]

The Top Spotify Lesbian Comedians

The Best Lesbian Comedians on Spotify The Best Lesbian Comedians on Spotify, courtesy of Uproar Entertainment, are outrageously funny. Albums from exceptional talents like Margaret Cho, Julia Scotti, Marga Gomez, Kristin Key and Suzanne Westenhoefer boast razor-sharp commentary, rebellious moxie, and authentic perspectives. Individually these comedians are distinct and daring, hilarious and socially conscious. Together […]

Best Stand Up Comedians of All Time On Spotify

Spotify Stand Up Comedy So you have Spotify but you’re tired of chasing the latest face-tattoo hip-hop hits, or are bored with the hipster coffee playlists, and are kind of weirded out about how accurate their recommendation robot is? No fear! Uproar Entertainment on Spotify is here! You can now laugh with some of the […]

Is ‘’Doggin’ It’’ the New Game Trend Among Students?

The three friends Jeremy Wiegman, Kyle Hoglund, and Jackson Roeder might have started a new game trend called ‘’doggin’ it’’. It all started recently when Jeremy tweeted a video compilation of the three friends trying to balance things on their fingers outside of the car window while the car was moving. The video has been […]

MeToo Movement Aiming to Say ‘Utoo’ to Hip-Hoppers

#MeToo Aiming to Say ‘Utoo’ to Hip-Hoppers As it kills careers in the entertainment industry second only to the grim reaper, the #metoo movement is expected to next set its sights on the target-rich music industry, specifically rap and hip hop artists. That’s the conclusion of an investigative report titled “Yeah, You’re Gonna Pay Now” […]

South Park

Long gone are the days of sitting around the tube watching feel good comedies like The Beverly Hillbillies, Sanford and Son, Cheers, and the ground-breaking series, Seinfeld. Not only is South Park funnier than any of these half-hour shows that used to temporarily interrupt the banality of our real world problems with a half-hour escape into […]